The description of Saw Games

Games with an adventurous style are very interesting, fascinating and difficult. These games are suitable for people of any age and sex, but by far not everyone is able to complete the game. There are hard missions, which are in need of completing many different steps, for getting them done.

How does the game start

All Saw Games have kind of a similar start, but a very different outcome. There are two variants for the start of a game: Either the main character gets kidnapped or his/her best friend gets kidnapped by the pigsaw.


You can see some adventure of the games below:

German Saw Game is a 25 minute online game with an almost same concept as Fernanfloo saw the game. Developed by InkaGames, German Saw is a point and click type of game that is adventurous in nature. The game describes a little Doggy called Mimi runni [...]
It’s a 12-minute online entertainment game that was originally written in French. The game involves a Pigsaw who is termed as evil, curly and the player here who is termed as Fernanfloo. Curly has been kidnapped by the Pigsaw. The player is expected [...]
If you are a Maggie Simpson’s fan and adore her attitude, you have landed on a perfect game. With her exceptionally well silent character, she stirs the whole scenario of the game into something adventurous. The Maggie Simpson Saw game beautifully de [...]
This story is about the red fellow by the name of Cody. He was kidnapped by an evil puppet. Cody came to be in the unclear building which represents a set of rooms with a set of different objects. Cody works under the cover in the confidential agency [...]
This game about very known a horror character about which we know from different sources. Imagine very tall, a long man of whom there is even no person. Yes, yes, correct, it is Slenderman. But he will not play a role of the hero of the horror film i [...]
The Taylor Swift Saw Game is a very interesting and fascinating adventure. The game has a lot of difficult missions. You have to think hard before you are able to find a solution. Some of the missions are so difficult that you may complete them only [...]
If you like to have fun and being scared at the same time then start playing Town Saw Game! You will have to think a lot and solve puzzles to help the main character escaping the horror puppet’s game. Town Saw Game is a video game with a simple playi [...]
The YouTubers Saw Game is a special edition for Christmas 2017. It is an adventure game, which obtains a lot of cool personages and missions. The game has many different cool maps and in addition, the missions are really difficult. You will have to s [...]
Just when you're about to fantasize a romantic evening with the lovely Leela, a hideous face shows up on the TV and demands that you play along to his wishes. It's the diabolical tyrant, PigSaw. He's here, he's alive and he doesn't seem like he is pl [...]
Gamble and Darwin have closed eyes, but they need to meet. Luckily, Anais is around to keep them safe! The Gumball Saw Game is suitable for people of any age, but it is especially interesting for kids because the graphic is quite simple, the music is [...]
It's a beautiful morning in Bikini Bottom. But something's wrong. That would seem like a normal thing, especially with SpongeBob but this time, it isn't a joke. Gary is missing and you have no idea what has happened to him. You learn that it was the [...]
Everyone wants to have an influence on the destiny of his country, especially on the destiny of a big country, for example, the USA. That is why The Trump Saw Game could catch anyone’s attention and fascination. The Trump Saw Game has an adventure st [...]

The map and graphic

The Saw Games have very big and interesting maps. You can walk freely inside buildings as well outside in the world. The map has many different scenes. In some of them, you can meet other characters. Almost every scene on the map has objects, which you can pick up.

Missions in adventure Saw Games

The most important mission in the game is to save the main character or the main character's best friend from being kidnapped. While you try to complete this mission, you’ll meet a lot of side quests and new missions which have to be done. The main character of the game can get new missions by other characters.

The most common mission other characters may give you is to find something. This "something" can be hidden anywhere on the map and in some cases, you may have to complete another mission, to get the searched item. So be ready for lots of missions!

Characters in Saw Games

There are many different characters which you can meet or play in those Saw Games. In any Saw Versions you will meet Pigsaw for sure. He is the main villain in all the Saw Games. Below you can see the list characters, you are able to play:

  • A president;
  • A YouTuber;
  • Just a normal person;
  • An animal.

Every main character in the Saw Game has a best friend, who needs help and can help the main character as well.

How to play the game

All Saw Games have more or less the same type of control. You are able to pick up objects from anywhere and put them in the places where they have to, to complete your mission. You are able to craft new objects by combining two items you picked up during the game. Click on any space on the ground to let your main character walk there.

How Rigby interacts with other characters:

  • Click on the mouth of the character to start a conversation;
  • Click on the eye of the character to see its description;
  • Click on the arm of the character to start an interaction.

If you want to finish the conversation – no problem, just click escape, if you want the conversation to go faster simply click on any place of the screen.