Solution - Lele Saw Game

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So you’re in the restroom, looking in the mirror and congratulating yourself on a job well done with the concert. When suddenly, BOOM! Lights out! You wake up in a daze, quite fuzzy, in an unfamiliar room not knowing what had just happened.

You’ve just been shanghaied by the terrible, most gruesome villain of all time, the PigSaw. You’re about to literally play the game of your life, The Lele Saw Game.

He promises you that you will come to no harm. But you’re going to have to play his silly little game to get out of the hotel. Seems quite easy enough, right? WRONG! The problem is, his silly little game requires that you come face to face with some of the deadliest, most cold hearted psychos out there, some even more so than you consider yourself to be.

Lele Saw Game

All your abilities as a singer/songwriter aren’t going to help you.

How to find right exit

Call upon all your strengths because this just got real. A series of mini missions ensures that your strengths as a team player are tested. You’re going to have to do the bidding of a lot of allies and enemies alike before you can equip yourself with everything that you may need to finally confront and beat the puzzle.

You’re in this on your own and you’re going to have to deal with it on your own as well. No fan is going to show up to your rescue.

You’re going to have to do all that you can to avoid these psychos and find the right exit in a never ending maze of rooms that are booby trapped with danger. You’ll need to put your wits on the line to win this one. The game is sure to challenge your reasoning and problem-solving skills with every mission along the way to freedom getting progressively harder and more difficult to crack.

You might be the one person in the world who can appreciate a ‘Bad Romance’ but even that’s not dirty enough to get you out of here. Do you have what it takes to break free from the terror of the evil PigSaw and find your freedom? Find out now!



Video Walkthrough Lele Saw Game