Solution - Rigby Saw Game

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If you want to play an interesting adventure game then play the Rigby Saw Game. The game has very easy graphics and controlling, that even a child could play it. The Rigby Saw Game is suitable for people of any age, even if not everybody may be able to complete it.

While playing the Rigby Saw Game you will enjoy the nice music and different interesting places on the map. You will have to solve many difficult puzzles and think much about the possible solutions of a mission.

The main character and his story starts

Rigby wakes up after a nightmare and then the TV turns on, where pigsaw tells him that he has kidnapped his best friend.


Rigby is going to meet many different characters during the game. They can be either friendly or evil. Friendly characters are going to ask Rigby to help them. Mostly they are going to ask him helping to search something, but sometimes they ask him for entertaining them, what is difficult as well. Most of the friendly characters may help Rigby to complete his own mission as well.

You can see the list of friendly characters below:

  • Mordecai (best friend of Rigby, which got kidnaped by pigsaw);
  • Papaleta (a lollipop which wants to see a horror movie);
  • Benson (asks Rigby to find a package from Amazon for him);
  • The Muscle Man (he is searching for the engagement ring for his girlfriend);
  • Starla (future wife of the Muscle Man);
  • Lucia Hugener Carroquino (girl from Spain, who won the Inka Video Game contest);
  • A clerk (he sells films);
  • Skips (he may borrow you his driving license);
  • Patrica Diaz-Pintado Sanchez-Migallon (friend of Lucia).

Rigby is going to meet some of the evil characters as well. It is not easy to find a solution, how to deal with them, but it is very interesting and unexpected. You can see the list of them below:

  • The evil doll (should open up the oven and lay a fire to kill him);
  • Zombies;
  • Evil pumpkin.

How to play the game

You are able to pick up objects from anywhere and put them in the right places to complete the mission. You are able to craft new objects by combining two items you picked up during the game. Click on any space on the ground to let Rigby walk there.

How Rigby interacts with other characters:

  • Click on the mouth of the character to start a conversation;
  • Click on the eye of the character to see a description;
  • Click on the arm of the character to start an interaction.

If you want to finish the conversation – no problem, just click escape, if you want the conversation to go faster simply click on any place of the screen.



Video Walkthrough Rigby Saw Game