Solution - Fernanfloo Saw Game

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It’s a 12-minute online entertainment game that was originally written in French. The game involves a Pigsaw who is termed as evil, curly and the player here who is termed as Fernanfloo. Curly has been kidnapped by the Pigsaw. The player is expected to rescue him before the Pigsaw eats him. The player also is supposed to rescue his family and friends from the ghost area in pursuit of Curly.

Fernanfloo battles animal’s every day who come between him and his mission. He works through a set of commands, signs, and numbers to reach his destination.

To successfully play the game, you have to understand these commands and signs and how to use them before the monster gets to you. You are also required to be very fast in decision making and click the button that can save your life.

Fernanfloo Saw Game

Some tips

As the game progresses, it unveils new costumes for Fernanfloo and power ups at every new level. These power ups enable you to get more strength to pull through. Each level also unveils new challenges. These get tough as you go on. All levels earn you more marks, the more marks you get, the tougher you get to pursue your mission.

Before the game starts, it gives you a set of clues or instructions such as how to walk, how to interact with objects and people around you, how to end a conversation as well as options to trigger actions such as run, fight.

It’s mind blowing experience, easy and tough too with a mission to save a life. Do you think you have what it takes to be Fernanfloo, tag your friends along and play it? The game can be played by as many people as two.



Video Walkthrough Fernanfloo Saw Game