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If you want to have much fun and feel yourself in the role of the main character then you should play Rubius Saw Game. The main goal of Rubius is to save and rescue two cats named Wilson and Raspberry which got kidnapped by the evil pigsaw.

You are going to walk through a giant map, meet a lot of different characters solve puzzles and enjoy. Different unexpected things are going to happen throughout the game. The Rubius Saw Game is suitable for people of any age. It has very easy control, so you do not need to use the keyboard.

The Main character

The Main character name is Rubius and he is a famous YouTuber, who creates gameplays. In the beginning of the game, you will get to know that Rubius’ best friend is Mangel and that his favorite color is green.

Other characters

Rubius is going to meet a lot of different characters. Some of them are friendly and want to help the YouTuber and others want to kill him or influent Rubius’ life negatively.

Below is the list of characters, which are friendly:

  • Misha (a boy, who became a famous singer);
  • Rodrigo Mino (a subscriber and big fan of Rubius);
  • Hatsune (a girl, who is another subscriber of Rubius);
  • His brother.

The list of villains is much bigger:

  • Paparazzi (he wants to take a picture of Rubius in a bad situation)
  • Trollface (who will steal Rubius’ channel if he will not make him laugh)
  • Clown (do not let him see Rubius)
  • Yandere (she wants to kill either, Rubius or Mangel)
  • Evil Wilson (he wants to use a self-made machine to kick Rubius)
  • Freddy (wants to kill Rubius)
  • Jason

In the game there are going to happen a lot of different unexpected events, for example, once Rubius is going to play a virtual game while he is playing the Saw Game. There he is going to meet new characters, which are listed below:

  • Sacura;
  • Team Rocket;
  • Slenderman;
  • Zombierella;
  • Professor Oak.

How to Play

You can pick up an object from the ground or even wall and put them in any place as well if it can help you to win. You are able to create new objects by combining, for example, two things you picked up during the whole game. Click on free space on the ground to let Town walk there.

How to interact with other characters:

  • Click on the mouth of the character to start a conversation
  • Click on the eye of the character to see a description
  • Click on the arm of the character to start an interaction

If you want to finish the conversation just click escape, if you want the conversation to go faster simply click on any place of the screen.



Video Walkthrough Rubius Saw Game

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