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Goku and his friends are back. But an evil force has laid eyes on the Planet Earth. And his only desire is to conquer all and destroy all. With only moments left before the dreadful tyrant, Freezer makes his entry into Planet Earth’s atmosphere, you’re going to have to play as Obama and attempt to the save the planet in your very own action packed the world of Goku Saw Game.

But your skills as a great spokesperson and problem solver isn’t going to enough. The objective of the game is to perform a series of tasks dictated by your allies to widen your resources, strengthen your martial art skills, gain more allies and turn you into a battle hardened veteran so that when you do have to come face to face with terrible Freezer, you’ll do what needs to be done to save this planet and every other planet from his tyrannical reign and bring peace and order to the galaxy once more.

Starting right from learning to master the basics of a Kamehameha wave, all the way towards making the kaioken your own secret weapon along with learning several combat techniques along the way, the game is guaranteed to test your mental, vocational, reflex and reasoning skills.

Obama Dragon Ball Z

Goku Saw Game

You’re also going to have to train yourself to transform into a more powerful form just so you can battle Freezer and put an end to his evil life of oppressing the innocent people of the galaxy.

Goku and his friends might not be able to save the Earth from possible destruction. But you have in your hands, the power to avenge the millions of lives lost in the course of Freezer’s tyrannical reign.

With minimal guidance from Goku, do you have what it takes to learn the Kamehameha wave, destroy dragons, traverse long lost paths and combat an entire horde of Freezer’s minions before you make your mark as the first President who did his job well and saved not just the planet but also the entire galaxy from certain destruction? Find out now!



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