Solution - Futurama Saw Game

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Just when you’re about to fantasize a romantic evening with the lovely Leela, a hideous face shows up on the TV and demands that you play along to his wishes. It’s the diabolical tyrant, PigSaw.

He’s here, he’s alive and he doesn’t seem like he is planning to go away without having caused some trouble first. It’s been over 1000 years since his last appearance and he has waited this long just to play the Futurama Saw game with you. So you can be sure that this is not going to be a walk in the park.

Normally it would just be easier to switch off the TV and pretend like nothing’s happened. But this time, it’s different. He has a secret weapon. Long before he had decided to confront you, he had taken Leela hostage and he’s holding her somewhere in the city.

How to find the Leela

PigSaw promises that nothing would happen to her provided that you play according to his diabolical plan. Can you trust him? Can you possibly take the risk not to?

Futurama Saw Game

Your mission is to interact with an array of allies and villains through a series of mini missions so that they can provide you with the tools and artifacts you would eventually need to cut Leela lose. Your skills as a team player and problem solver will be put to the test in this maze of missions with each one being tougher than the previous one.

The question is no longer what you can do to save Leela, it’s how can you save her and how to go about doing it fast.

Do you have what it takes to complete the mission, establish a rapport, trick PigSaw’s minions and to finally come face to face with the ugliest manifestation of evil to finally save your damsel in distress from possible trouble and show her how much you care about her? Find out!



Video Walkthrough Futurama Saw Game