Solution - Spongebob Saw Game

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It’s a beautiful morning in Bikini Bottom. But something’s wrong. That would seem like a normal thing, especially with SpongeBob but this time, it isn’t a joke. Gary is missing and you have no idea what has happened to him.

You learn that it was the terrible tyrant, PigSaw, who has kidnapped Gary. But he isn’t just holding him hostage. No, he plans to fry Gary, unless of course, SpongeBob can do what he is asked of in the action packed Spongebob Saw Game. Hurry! The clock is ticking.

The objective of the game is to perform the tasks as directed by your friends so you can make it to PigSaw’s place as fast as possible and rescue Gary. Collect as many artifacts as you can at every level as you’re going to need them sooner or later.

What you need to do

Your strong suit is in making jokes, being oblivious to the danger and running errands for Squidward. But that’s not going to be enough to rescue Gary from the evil clutches of PigSaw. You’re going to have to come face to face with some pretty devious villains including the Fearsome Flying Dutchmen.

Spongebob Saw Game

You will learn to offer an incentive to your allies to help you by helping them in a series of mini missions.

You’re going to able to test your motor and spatial reasoning skills. As the game progresses, you’ll find that you might be up against a pretty hefty challenge, all the way up to the end where only you can solve the final remaining puzzle to save Gary and bring him back home with you safe and sound. Remember, the only friend you’ve ever had is in danger and time is running out.

Do you have what it takes to keep a calm and level head while you come up against a terrible monster just to save your friend from being fried? Find out now!



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