Solution - The Gumball Saw Game – Blind Fooled

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Gamble and Darwin have closed eyes, but they need to meet. Luckily, Anais is around to keep them safe! The Gumball Saw Game is suitable for people of any age, but it is especially interesting for kids because the graphic is quite simple, the music is very funny and spreads good mood and the characters are of a cartoon-like style.

The main characters

There are only three main characters in the Gumball Saw Game, whom you follow through all levels.

How to play the game

  • The Gumball Saw Game has a very simple controlling. Below you can see how to make use of it:
  • Use the arrow keys to move in all directions (2 dimensional: left, right, up and down);
  • Click the key “S” or “down” to pick up a box, when Anais stands near to it;
  • Click SPACE to blow your whistle;
  • Click SPACE if you want Darwin and Gumball to start or stop walking towards each other.

The goal of the game

Gamble and Darwin have closed eyes and need to meet. You as a player are in the role of Anais. In every level of the game are awaiting you new tactical problems and challenging obstacles as for example very high-level differences of the ground, earth walls they have to cross and different starting locations.

Also, there are numerous dangers, such as cacti, cliffs from which they can fall or barking dogs. The game pushes you to use your creativity and requires a high sense of problem-solving and good timing. You have only a limited number of wooden boxes to block the way to some of the dangers or ease the way up an earth wall for Gamble and Darwin. In the higher levels, further elements like balloons and clouds appear, to name a few. Those require an understanding of advanced game mechanics and you’ll have to time all your actions well before starting the round.

Who should play this game?

If you like to solve fundamental logic problems and have an extraordinary good spatial imagination, you may like this game and should play it. It has similarities with Portal and Portal 2, so if you liked those games, you definitely will like the Gumball Saw Game as well.

If you want to improve your logic skills and train solving hard puzzles then you should play The Gamble. The game is very funny, fascinating, interesting and may also improve your cognitive skills. So start having fun and improving your logic skills right now and play the Gamble Saw Game!



Video Walkthrough The Gumball Saw Game – Blind Fooled