Solution - Justin Bieber Saw Game

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Justin Bieber had to do a lot of grueling concerts but as you’re about to find out, there’s nothing as grueling as losing your loved one to a psychopathic kidnapper, and all because you couldn’t stay alerted after a tiresome performance.

Your skills as a singer and songwriter or even as a spoiled rich kid isn’t going to be enough to get you out of this jam. No, you’re going to have to do more than that to beat the Justin Bieber Saw Game.

You’ve just been shanghaied from your comfortable dressing room and now you’re in the middle of nowhere with no knowledge of what has happened. You come to realize that you have become the punch line in a bad joke of a psychotic fan who sounds a lot like the Terminator.

He has taken your beloved girlfriend, Selena, as a hostage and claims to release her only after you play his cruel and trying game. You simply can’t afford to refuse him or come up with another plan. You gotta do what he says or you risk losing Selena forever.

Justin Bieber Saw Game

What you need to do

Do you have what it takes to take on giant creepy crawlies, men with superhuman abilities and even the great Chuck Norris himself just to save your damsel in distress? Do you value the life of the person who’s in this mess only because of you?

Could you bring yourself to doing the right thing just this once? Or could you simply just walk away?

Every step along the way requires that you solve an intricate puzzle which will test your skills to the limit. Your abilities as someone who can judge their surroundings with proper spatial reasoning will be put to a grueling test. You’re also going to have to make a few allies along the way because this is one journey that can’t be traversed alone unlike a musical career.

You might be having an ‘on again’, ‘off again’ kind of relationship with Selena, but none of that matters now that her life is in danger. You are the only person with the ability to crack the final puzzle and set her free.

This is your fight and you’ve got to fight hard.

Do you think you can save the fair lady and win her heart? See if you can!



Video Walkthrough Justin Bieber Saw Game

3 Votes, average: 4.33/5